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We turn your vision to reality and fuels digital transformation in the age of innovation. Simplifying the technology lifecycle and enabling you to create, make, manage and take your product to market with ease and efficiency.

Our Process

  • 01
    Check out the brands we represent
  • 02
    Send us a Bill of Materials/Request for Quotation
  • 03
    Receive replies within 2-3 working days
  • 04
    We do our final product quality check before shipment
  • 05
    Receive components within agreed-upon timeframe

Our Manufacturers

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Aerospace & Defence

As technology progresses, aerospace and defence contractors with speed and cost advantages will be the leaders and survivors. We can help companies to mitigate supply chain risks and put them in better spot to fulfill MINDEF and other defence and aerospace contracts.

Over 99%

Of all sold parts are traceable


of our global suppliers are screened


We aim to activate a thriving healthcare future. Our team bring diverse perspectives and deep industry experience to support our clients in their journeys to accelerate digital transformation, integrate an ecosystem of precision health, and implement a culture of continuous change.

Over 20M

Pcs are used in mobile diagnostic units

Over HKD$10M

Invested in digital health annually


Today’s consumers expect their lifestyle products to understand and respond to their needs. They want products to be ‘smart’ and ‘connected’. We have expertise in the mechanicals and electronics that consumer products rely on – from display to smart bikes.

Over 150M Pcs

Lifestyle parts managed per month

Over 20 years

Of experience in Lifestyle/Consumer industry


Telecoms industry needs advanced hardware and IT solutions for everything from network management to customer insight. Our long-standing relationships with leading suppliers mean HKP can provide advanced network solutions that deliver reliable, scalable and secure communications for service providers, telecommunications carriers and enterprise worldwide.

Over 3

Teleports serviced in APAC


Cross-industry technology teams


We understand the commercial and technical issues that keep the automotive businesses moving. We provide efficiencies for both time and money to streamline operations, maximise uptime and cut down on the manufacturing overhead. HKP supports the disruptive trends (electrification of power train, connectivity, and autonomous driving) in automotive with solutions.

Over 10

Quality System Certifications

Over 150

EV/hEV projects consulted


Rapid advances in energy and water management create new opportunities for new specific technology solutions. We partner with hundreds of leading hardware and software suppliers to deliver the level of security, reliability and performance required for the smooth operation of critical infrastructure.

Over 2MW

Of renewable energy capacity installed

Over 500K

Of powered homes equivalent



Electronic Component Sourcing


Customised Programs


Excess Inventory Management